A boutique of design, ideas, talent

A boutique of design, ideas, talent


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Integrated Extrusion Italia Srl is a branch of the Integrated Extrusion Group of companies. It is a company based in Italy, precisely in Rome, specialized in aluminum systems design. With its multi-production plants and offices located in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Italy. Integrated Extrusion has become a leading manufacturer in the Middle East, providing high capacity, technical support, engineering, and high-quality products.

We put people first and make energy-efficient aluminum and aluminum-wood systems that improve the quality of your life at home. In the DIVA System, you will find professionals who, with their experience and listening skills, will help you understand your needs and propose the most suitable solution.

How do you live? What are your habits? How many people are in your family? Are there any children? What expense can you support?These are the questions that will help us understand the right way to bring comfort to your home. Alongside your new corporate building that requires energy saving with prestigious look durability, Diva System will bring it to you.

For ideas and information contact the diva system® team