The Legacy of the DIVA System™

Italian Design with Modern Technology.

For over two decades, DIVA System™ has represented a fusion of style, elegance, and glamour, crafted by our Italian design and engineering team. Catering to the discerning needs of the residential and commercial markets, our brand has become synonymous with high-quality aluminium windows and doors.

From the Classic to the EVO Lines, DIVA System™ has not only grown in the market but also in the hearts of our customers, offering unmatched technical excellence and aesthetic sophistication. We are dedicated to elevating architectural spaces, providing solutions that perfectly blend advanced functionality with Italian elegance.

Engineering the Extraordinary

Bespoke designs of unparalleled quality.

Our dedicated and highly experienced engineers use precision creativity to craft bespoke aluminium solutions for every type of project. Utilising high-quality, extruded aluminium alloys (AW 6063 – AW 6060, T5 or T6 tempered), each product is a testament to our commitment to quality and durability.

Rigorous testing by independent quality certification bodies across Italy and Europe ensures that our products meet the most stringent performance standards for water tightness, wind load resistance, and air permeability.
Whether it’s a classic casement, a sleek sliding door, a versatile folding system, or an intricate curtain wall for a sophisticated office space—DIVA System™ infuses every project with Italian elegance, ensuring premier protection against the elements.